Governor Christie Signs New Law To Extend Effective Period for Existing Sewer Service Area

February 27th, 2012 | Posted by: Christopher DeGrezia 0| comments:

34By Andy Norin, Esq. and Scott Hovanyetz, Esq.

On January 17, 2012, Governor Christie signed into law Senate Bill No. 3156 (S3156), which extends the effective period of existing sewer service areas.  This should provide some relief to developers concerned about the possible withdrawal of sewer service areas in places where wastewater management planning agencies have failed to comply with the deadline to submit wastewater management plans (WMPs) to the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  The bill also allows for site specific amendments and revisions to WMPs and Water Quality Management Plans pending DEP approval of new WMPs.


Wastewater Management Plans govern where new sanitary sewer lines can be built.  For a sewer line to be extended to a particular property, the property must be included within the sewer service area in the WMP.  Properties that fall outside the sewer service area can only be served by septic systems.  » Read the rest of this entry «

Development Rights Restricted by New Sewer Service Area Maps, But Help May Be On It’s Way

August 10th, 2009 | Posted by: Christopher DeGrezia 3| comments:

Sewer Service Area By Ellen Radow Sadat, Esq.

If you own real property in New Jersey that is not fully developed, Wastewater Management Plans (WMPs) currently being prepared this Fall by county governments (or NJDEP in the case of plans for Bergen, Burlington, Passaic, Union and Warren counties) may adversely impact the value of your property and its development potential.  WMPs establish Sewer Service Areas which identify the properties that will be served by wastewater treatment systems.  Properties such as corporate campuses, educational campuses, industrial parks, golf courses, residential developments, or vacant land that are currently within a Sewer Service Area could be re-designated to a non-Sewer Service Area, drastically devaluing the property, potentially impacting financing, and effectively eliminating future development options. » Read the rest of this entry «

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